Introduction (by Michael Martin) July-2024

I have been playing and teaching the guitar for over 50 years. I graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester UK) a few of years after it opened and went on to take up a career in performing, teaching and composing. My debut solo, public professional concert was sponsored by Harveys Wine of Bristol where I peformed to a packed audience at the Arnolfini Conecert Hall in the City of Bristol.

  • I also have a strong interest in using modern technology to enhance and develop musical understanding.

    I have undertaken a variety of technology 'apprenticeships' and steep learning curves that at times appeared unrelated to personal development as a musician and performer.

    For example, in the mid 1990's I studied computer programming and for a time worked as a professional in that area. I also became one of the first demonstrators of Sibelius Software in the days of its early development (1990s) and more recently have studied Video Editing. Use of technology has enabled me to expand, understand and refine those things I worked so hard at as a music student. This web site therefore represents a bringing together of all my life-skills in service of music and can benefit guitar enthusiasts of different abilities, across the world.

    The critical thing about technology is its convenience for study. Whether your interest in music is private satisfaction or a public demonstration of musical skill, the items on this web site are here to help smooth your journey to a better understanding, more enjoyment and greater confidence in music.

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